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 Final Fantasy XIV has hidden elements for every work, and the ninth generation is no exception. There are many kinds of hidden elements, such as Super BOSS Ozma, hidden characters, card collection, and many more. Among these hidden elements, there is a side quest that is not discovered by the player until the game is released for 13 years.

The "Missing Nero Family" mission was discovered by players only 13 years after the game was released. This side quest is not very important for the player, and will not be rewarded if the player plays with Zidane again. But discovering this secret is enough for us to revisit the game again.

Another secret is Steiner's ultimate weapon, the Excalibur II. To get this weapon, the player must move all the way from the third BOSS to the last BOSS within 12 hours. To achieve this condition, skipping all cutscenes, side quests, and everything that consumes time is the most basic requirement.

Final Fantasy XIV 14 The main acquisition method for the game currency: FFXIV Gil is through the drop of the copy monster, the mission reward, the random copy reward (this part is a lot higher). Wild monsters drop can be ignored. The main expenses of gold coins are daily maintenance, AH shopping, and high-priced real estate. Ordinary players can not touch the last two. Gold coins will not have much to sell except for repairing equipment and paying for delivery.

Playing the production department, the gold coins have a large income and expenditure. The 2.1 version of the tank ring sold in AH, a total of more than a dozen raw materials, even at the end of the version, the overall cost is also about 3w, AH selling price 4W +. And an ordinary player can spend six hours a day to finish six random days, and there are so many gold coins to start with (this is still 2.2 after the reward is increased). If I don't play production like this, I will save 100w less than half a year. And our guild professional game production players, online three hours a day, income 10w-20w.

As for the backpack, I thought it was very big at first. There are 100 backpacks on the body, and the general props can be superimposed with 99. Equipment is generally not in the backpack, there are special equipment packages, each part of the equipment can take 25. The warehouse (servant) can…

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