13 years of secret hidden in Final Fantasy XIV 9
26, Тангеранг, Indonesia

 Final Fantasy XIV has hidden elements for every work, and the ninth generation is no exception. There are many kinds of hidden elements, such as Super BOSS Ozma, hidden characters, card collection, and many more. Among these hidden elements, there is a side quest that is not discovered by the player until the game is released for 13 years.

The "Missing Nero Family" mission was discovered by players only 13 years after the game was released. This side quest is not very important for the player, and will not be rewarded if the player plays with Zidane again. But discovering this secret is enough for us to revisit the game again.

Another secret is Steiner's ultimate weapon, the Excalibur II. To get this weapon, the player must move all the way from the third BOSS to the last BOSS within 12 hours. To achieve this condition, skipping all cutscenes, side quests, and everything that consumes time is the most basic requirement.

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